Good Outcomes

There is a difference between having surgery and having a good outcome.  

At Idaho Falls Oral and Facial Surgery we are committed to successful outcomes.  A patient preparing for wisdom teeth removal should ask themselves the question:  

Do I want to have my wisdom teeth removed or do I want to have the best possible outcome after having my wisdom teeth removed?

Rest and Nutrition

At Idaho Falls Oral and Facial Surgery we have found a key to obtaining more predictable outcomes. Rest and proper nutrition are the secrets.  It is simple but needs to be talked about.   

Beginning five days prior to your procedure we recommend getting a minimum of 8 hours of rest each night (9 if possible).  Being a well-rested patient gives you an advantage over a run down, fatigued patient. 

Nutrition is the other part of the puzzle in preparing for the best possible outcome after wisdom teeth removal. A healthy diet, high in protein, prepares the body to heal after your wisdom teeth are removed.  A handful of protein with every meal is an easy guide.  

The extra protein provides your body with what it needs to repair itself after your procedure. 

With this combination of proper nutrition and rest, the healing tank is fueled and the stage is set for a successful and predictable outcome.

Photo credit: Lesly Juarez